(something) with a decorative edge

collaboration with artist Anika Ahuja
Multimedia installation at Centre Never Apart (Montreal)

(something) with a decorative edge references visual merchandising through the lens of migrational 
aesthetics. A muted palette parallels the blurring of cultural borders, while the overall atmosphere
of emptiness, conservation or neglect, accompanied by carefully selected objects, may double
as the body.

Ahuja and Graorac have incorporated objects that connect to their respective, non-figurative idea 
of home. The chosen relics arise from sentimental recollection. For Graorac, a Croatian licitar
(a popular ornament and token of affection) is made of glass rather than a traditional
honey biscuit. Ahuja’s Nataraja, a deity in his ecstatic dance form, is cast in white plastic instead 
of its traditional ornamental brass. 

The intentional materials used are reflective of the artists’ individual interests in decoding mass 
production, communication, and cultural desaturation by means of industrial materials.

Summer 2017